Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fun with whips

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with Diva Hollywood, "the crip with a whip". After a slow start to the morning (I blame the Moscow Mules we drank the night before) we headed to my local antiques centre for a rummage. Unfortunately we didn't find anything that took our fancy, nothing that was within our budget anyway, so we took a drive into Nottingham to enjoy the sunshine.

Our first stop was the Alley Cafe, the best veggie/vegan eatery.  I would post pics of our delicious food but it didn't last long enough to take any. What can I say, antiques rummaging is hard work! So here's a photo of the menu cover instead...

With very full bellies we pottered around a few more shops and then headed back to my sun-trap of a garden to play with these...

But not without wearing the proper protection...

Indiana Jones eat your heart out!

It took a few attempts and lots of intent staring at Diva while she showed me the motions but I managed to get a few good cracks in!

Diva doing her thing

I found the smaller whip much easier to crack but it was also a lot faster and I managed to give myself a good welt on the back of the calf!

Battle scars

I totally failed at trying a more complicated trick and decided to call it quits before I lost an eye. I'll leave whips to the professionals!


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