Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Burlesque

On Saturday I had the pleasure of going back to the wonderful Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Burlesque in Lichfield.

This show is super fun, not only because of the enthusiastic crowd but also the fabulous team behind it. The amount of effort they put into each event is truly inspiring. Saturday's "Chariots of Fire" olympics themed show started off with a hilarious Rocky homage video starring KKBB's compere Stage Door Johnny. And thanks to him I still have the song "Gold" stuck in my head!

I was on the bill with Fanny Divine, Barbara Nice and KKBB's own Sherry Trifle so it was a lot of fun backstage, if a little hot and sticky thanks to the heatwave we've been enjoying lately. And look what was waiting for each of us in the dressing room when we arrived!

Here's me and Fanny Divine trying not to melt out of our corsets backstage.

Here's another backstage shot when I was all boxed up for my new act "The Present". So many sequins!

The show was fantastic and it was great to see the debut of Sherry Trifle's new act, with another stunning costume from the same designer who made her Judderman. I'll post pictures from the show as soon as they're ready.

After the burlesque part of the evening was over the resident band Johnny and the Speedos kicked off their set, playing rock and roll covers from the 50s and everyone got up for a dance until it was time to go home.


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