Friday, 13 July 2012

ElectroTease and the Gilded Merkin debut!

It's been a few days since these two shows but I've been taking a well earned rest!
Last Friday I took a trip a little way down the M1 to Leicester, to perform at a show called ElectroTease run by Eliza DeLite.

It was lovely to see Eliza, Rose and Constance again and meet the other ladies on the bill.

Eliza, Constance and I backstage in our "dressing cave"

This was such a fun show and the audience were lovely. I even went out and had a quick dance afterwards (in my balloon pop costume as I had forgotten to take a dress with me!)

Here's one of my favourite shots from the night, taken by Grace Elkin, mid confetti puff!

Copyright Grace Elkin
After the show I dashed to Nottingham to pick up Missy Malone at The Queen of Clubs, a new gay bar that's just opened, where she'd been performing that evening. I'll be there myself next week so it was lovely to meet the guys who run it. There were some very fancy looking drag queens in that place! Then we headed back to mine for puppy cuddles and tea.

Rocket the wonder dog
The next morning we popped into Hopkinson's before Missy caught her train to London. This was shamefully the first time I'd set foot in there but I'll definitely be going back again! I came away with a set of stem rose glasses, some cute green vintage buttons and this gorgeous red vanity case.

On Sunday, after months of planning and promoting, it was time for the debut Gilded Merkin show!

Nottingham Post article Sat 7th July. Photo of me by Ina Glo Photography

It's fair to say I was a bit of a nervous wreck before the show started but there was far too much to do for that to get in the way! I will admit to running downstairs at one point, through the huge queue that was forming, to find my mum and get a quick "good luck" hug before we opened the doors!

Everything went so well, far better than I could have hoped for, the venue was absolutely rammed with people and the show ran without a hitch and perfectly to time! It's not surprising really though considering the performers I was working with, all total pro's, and the staff at The Glee Club who were all fantastic!

Backstage with Anna Fur Laxis, Fred Bear, Millie Dollar, Edd Muir, Mysti Vine and stage maid Lea
Here are just a few of the great shots taken by Candee Photography....


Velma Von Bon Bon

Millie Dollar

Fred Bear

Mysti Vine

Edd Muir volunteering Fred to take part in his act

Coco Malone

Anna Fur Laxis

Velma Von Bon Bon and Fandango

Millie Dollar

Mysti Vine

Edd Muir

Anna Fur Laxis

Crowd shot featuring Eliza (and Mr) DeLite, Aislinn Ball, Betty D'light and Chaz Royal
I'm still on a high and have been getting wonderful feedback from so many people saying how much fun they had and that they can't wait for the next one which is fantastic to hear!

The next date is Sunday 11th November and stars Missy Malone, Tricity Vogue, Missy Macabre, Sherry Trifle, Carrie-Ann (Dita Von Teese tribute) and The Great Aziz! I'll hopefully see you there!