Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fun with whips

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with Diva Hollywood, "the crip with a whip". After a slow start to the morning (I blame the Moscow Mules we drank the night before) we headed to my local antiques centre for a rummage. Unfortunately we didn't find anything that took our fancy, nothing that was within our budget anyway, so we took a drive into Nottingham to enjoy the sunshine.

Our first stop was the Alley Cafe, the best veggie/vegan eatery.  I would post pics of our delicious food but it didn't last long enough to take any. What can I say, antiques rummaging is hard work! So here's a photo of the menu cover instead...

With very full bellies we pottered around a few more shops and then headed back to my sun-trap of a garden to play with these...

But not without wearing the proper protection...

Indiana Jones eat your heart out!

It took a few attempts and lots of intent staring at Diva while she showed me the motions but I managed to get a few good cracks in!

Diva doing her thing

I found the smaller whip much easier to crack but it was also a lot faster and I managed to give myself a good welt on the back of the calf!

Battle scars

I totally failed at trying a more complicated trick and decided to call it quits before I lost an eye. I'll leave whips to the professionals!


Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Burlesque

On Saturday I had the pleasure of going back to the wonderful Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Burlesque in Lichfield.

This show is super fun, not only because of the enthusiastic crowd but also the fabulous team behind it. The amount of effort they put into each event is truly inspiring. Saturday's "Chariots of Fire" olympics themed show started off with a hilarious Rocky homage video starring KKBB's compere Stage Door Johnny. And thanks to him I still have the song "Gold" stuck in my head!

I was on the bill with Fanny Divine, Barbara Nice and KKBB's own Sherry Trifle so it was a lot of fun backstage, if a little hot and sticky thanks to the heatwave we've been enjoying lately. And look what was waiting for each of us in the dressing room when we arrived!

Here's me and Fanny Divine trying not to melt out of our corsets backstage.

Here's another backstage shot when I was all boxed up for my new act "The Present". So many sequins!

The show was fantastic and it was great to see the debut of Sherry Trifle's new act, with another stunning costume from the same designer who made her Judderman. I'll post pictures from the show as soon as they're ready.

After the burlesque part of the evening was over the resident band Johnny and the Speedos kicked off their set, playing rock and roll covers from the 50s and everyone got up for a dance until it was time to go home.


Monday, 14 May 2012

Derby antiques fair

Yesterday morning I headed to the Roundhouse in Derby for an antiques fair rummage. During after show drinks on Saturday night with Missy Malone and Em Brulee about car boots and auctions my inner treasure hunting gremlin was keen to find some goodies. After all it had been at least a week since my last fix!

The Roundhouse is a wonderful building, the world's first and the oldest surviving railway roundhouse and the grade II listed building still has its 12 metre engine turntable inside. Click on the 360 degree view button down on the left hand side of the page to see inside!

There was a huge selection of stalls selling everything from pottery and glass to old books, artwork, jewellery and furniture. I managed to haggle for a few beautiful pieces of jewellery, two 1950s diamante paste necklaces

An art deco turquoise and marcasite ring

And a bee brooch that looks very similar to one embroidered for me by my grandmother when I was just born. It's from the 1900s apparently and apart from needing a little gentle cleaning is in brilliant condition. I love it.

I also found this great 1950s wicker edge tray complete with fighting cockerels and cocktail recipes!

A creamy yellow and peach art deco belt buckle, which just needs a new elastic strap stitching to it.

And a diamante set hair slide which I think is some kind of early plastic and will look great pinned into the back of a fancy updo.

So all in all not a bad stash. The Mr was very happy I didn't bring home a car full of furniture and I'm happy I have some new stage bling!

What goodies did you find this weekend?


The Missy Malone & Friends Burlesque Revue

So yesterday I took a little road trip to perform for Missy Malone's Burlesque Revue, currently travelling the UK, and last night taking up residence at the Blackfriars Theatre in Boston, Linconshire. After the fantastic time I had doing Missy's show in Milford Haven in March I'd been really looking forward to this one, especially as I had a new act to perform!

On the way I stopped in Nottingham to pick up one of the other performers, the ever so lovely Dita tribute Carrie-Ann and we chatted our way through the rest of the journey, enjoying the rare sunshine (while I tried desperately not to end up with a truckers tan on my right arm!)

It was a wonderful evening spent with great friends, the rest of the line up being Fanny Divine, Em Brulee, Carrie-Ann, Snappy O'Shea and of course Missy herself. The backstage atmosphere was hilarious and we spent most of the evening discussing things far too saucy and embarrassing to write here  ;)

The crowd were brilliantly enthusiastic, just the way we like them! Here's a few pics from the night to show you what we got up to.

Me popping my balloons! Copyright Foxy La Flash

Balloon debris, I don't half make a mess! Copyright Magic Dave

Missy Malone. Copyright Foxy La Flash

Em Brulee. Copyright Foxy La Flash
Fanny Divine. Copyright Foxy La Flash
Carrie-Ann, Homage to Dita. Copyright Foxy La Flash
Snappy O'Shea. Copyright Foxy La Flash

My new act! The Present, pretty self explanatory really. Copyright Magic Dave
My new act - The Present. Copyright Magic Dave

The whole cast including Magic Dave and stage maid Cherry Blossoms. Copyright Foxy La Flash

So that was my Saturday night! Today I dragged myself out of bed at an ungodly hour (anything before 9am is ungodly) and headed into Derby to trawl an antiques fair at The Roundhouse, but I'll save that for tomorrow.

Nighty night!


Sunday, 6 May 2012

All change

I'm really not using this blog enough to post about Red Anchor Emporium but have loads of great things to shout about with the burlesque side of my life so I've decided to switch the content of my blog to more saucy going's on!
If you would like to stay up to date with everything I write about that would be lovely! Hopefully this will update in your readers automatically but just in case it doesn't, my new blog address is