Monday, 14 May 2012

Derby antiques fair

Yesterday morning I headed to the Roundhouse in Derby for an antiques fair rummage. During after show drinks on Saturday night with Missy Malone and Em Brulee about car boots and auctions my inner treasure hunting gremlin was keen to find some goodies. After all it had been at least a week since my last fix!

The Roundhouse is a wonderful building, the world's first and the oldest surviving railway roundhouse and the grade II listed building still has its 12 metre engine turntable inside. Click on the 360 degree view button down on the left hand side of the page to see inside!

There was a huge selection of stalls selling everything from pottery and glass to old books, artwork, jewellery and furniture. I managed to haggle for a few beautiful pieces of jewellery, two 1950s diamante paste necklaces

An art deco turquoise and marcasite ring

And a bee brooch that looks very similar to one embroidered for me by my grandmother when I was just born. It's from the 1900s apparently and apart from needing a little gentle cleaning is in brilliant condition. I love it.

I also found this great 1950s wicker edge tray complete with fighting cockerels and cocktail recipes!

A creamy yellow and peach art deco belt buckle, which just needs a new elastic strap stitching to it.

And a diamante set hair slide which I think is some kind of early plastic and will look great pinned into the back of a fancy updo.

So all in all not a bad stash. The Mr was very happy I didn't bring home a car full of furniture and I'm happy I have some new stage bling!

What goodies did you find this weekend?


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