Monday, 18 June 2012

Dr Sketchy's Nottingham - Von Vaudeville

On Saturday I returned to The Glee Club with my partner in crime Charlotte for another Dr Sketchy's show. On the bill this month we had Beatrix Von Bourbon, Velma Von Bon Bon and Emerald Ace. The room was absolutely packed out, with more than 60 people, and I was really pleased to see a lot of new faces amongst our regulars.

For those who have never been to a Dr Sketchy's event and are interested in finding out more here's a link to the main website There are branches all over the world and hopefully one near you!

I was going to get some shots of us together with the performers/models but it totally slipped my mind. I did manage to take a few shots during the show though and here they are, along with some professional shots from our photographer Spike aka Vapour Trail Photography....

First up we started off with some short 5 minute poses from Emerald. I bet her arms ached after this one!

Emerald Ace
Emerald Ace by Vapour Trail Photography

Our first performance of the afternoon was from Velma, with her organ grinder monkey act (one of my favourites), a statement on the daily trudge of the 9 to 5!

Velma Von Bon Bon by Vapour Trail Photography
Afterwards she held this pose for 15 minutes and picked a couple of artists to win prizes from our sponsors, a hefty stack of comics from Page 45 and a hair scarf from Diablo Jo.

Velma Von Bon Bon

Our second performance was from Beatrix, with the act that got her through the first round of Britain's Got Talent Series 6, "Hey Bellboy", and which left me momentarily tongue tied after she came off stage!

Beatrix Von Bourbon by Vapour Trail Photography
She then held a 15 minute pose in the tiniest set of pasties and thong I think I've ever seen! With more comics, a Rockalily lipstick and Little Miss Delicious hair clip given away to our eager artists.

Another pose from Velma's cheeky monkey

And our final 20 minute group pose

Beatrix, Velma and Emerald by Vapour Trail Photography

And the winners of the final competition who took home books from Baby Tattoo Books.

Beatrix, Velma, Emerald and winners by Vapour Trail Photography
Missed this one? Our next event is on Saturday 11th August at The Glee Club!


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