Sunday, 21 August 2011

Vintage pattern pile

Today I'm sharing the contents of my pattern box. Some were happy charity shop discoveries hidden amongst hundreds of gawdy 80s knitting patterns and a few were snapped up when Nottingham's Kathleen and Lily's unfortunately decided to close their doors and have a mass clear out of all of their stock (I came away with an unbelievable fabric and haberdashery haul that day but it will need a post all of its own so will save it for another time).

This smocked pillows pattern by McCalls (2467) was a charity shop find. It sat unopened on my sewing table for weeks and I kept telling myself I'd start it but honestly I'm quite intimidated by it. I've never tried smocking before and it looks unbelievably complicated, the kind of thing that would be ruined with just one stitch out of place!

I picked up this Vogue Craft pattern (7221) because of the bag in the top right corner. It reminds me of a design I remember seeing which I think was from the 30s or 40s (correct me if I'm wrong!)

As a burlesque performer turban style hats and wraps are invaluable for protecting your "do" before a show. I usually pin curl my hair the night before, sleep in a hair net and then depending on my outfit the next day will either do a rockabilly or landgirl tied headscarf when I'm travelling. I'll definitely be trying the 2nd pattern down out of this Vogue selection. Perhaps glamming it up a little with something spangly sewn into the front gathered detail.

These two again I bought with burlesque in mind. I really want to make myself a luxurious dressing gown to wrap myself in backstage. Some venues can be quite drafty and trying to get ready when you're shivering in your undercrackers is not fun. Plus in the 2nd packet there's a very cute little camisole/knickers pattern that would look beautiful made with some of the lace given to me by my Gran.

I made a version of the bottom dress for my "Kiss of the Cobra Woman" burlesque act. I left off the shoulder bows, took the zip all the way to the bottom split/vent, so it comes off in one go, and altered the length, adding in a net ruffle around the bottom that splays out almost at floor level. I'll share the full making off this dress another time too  ;)

Another from Butterick's "Retro" series, this one from '52. I have a fantastic orange and black tartan that the dress on the left would look fantastic in!

I wish there were more hours in the day so I could get a couple of these projects started!

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