Sunday, 17 July 2011

Making progress

All sorts of exciting things have happened in the last week or so. I finally got round to getting the fabric labels for Red Anchor sorted. After mailing a few different companies I settled on the National Weaving Company, mainly because the emails I had from one of their sales staff, Caroline, were friendly and she replied quickly and doesn't that make a difference! I sent the logo over to her, which was designed by my good friend Charlotte, and paid the £20 deposit (which comes off your order total) for a sample label. They sent 2, which arrived after about ten working days, and I was so happy with the quality I immediately gave Caroline a call to make an order for 500.

I'm itching to get my hands on them so I can start sewing them into everything!

Of course one thing I won't be able to sew labels onto are the eggcups I've been practising my pyrography on! I couldn't resist doing a couple of leopard print ones (I don't have an obsession, honest).

I'll be experimenting with all sorts of designs on these, similar to the wooden bag handles, and making them to order with tattoo style script lettering. I have to say I'm more than a little miffed that my egg allergy means I can't actually use them myself. Maybe I could use one to store something small in! Any suggestions?

Yesterday my burlesque alter ego got to play dress up, modelling the dresses of a new found vintage loving friend and fellow "handmade" adventurer Aislinn, aka BooBoo Kitty Couture. I've been lucky enough to model her dresses before, in a shoot with local photography and makeup artist team Flashes and Lashes. Aislinn posted her own blog featuring the shots here. I was really impressed with the quality of her made to measure dresses and jumped at the chance to wear them again. I'll be ordering my own as soon as I decide which style and fabric I want first! Yesterday's shoot was a collaboration between Paul Larkins Photography, Ms Moo Make Up, Nash Interiors, BooBoo Kitty Couture and myself. We had two rooms in an old building in the centre of Nottingham to shoot in, each dressed with fabulous vintage furniture and accessories and after a little gentle persuasion Aislinn agreed to get in front of the camera as well (after a quick dash to M&S for a different bra and a rummage through my suitcase of goodies for a pair of heels). It was the first time I'd worked with Paul and I can't wait to see the finished images as the quick shots I saw on his camera looked fantastic!

To round off this post, here are a couple of photos of a stocking bag I was commissioned to make by Diva Hollywood. I love the fabric she chose, it's a beautiful green cotton with tropical flowers and I had the perfect fabric covered button to match it from my recent vintage button eBay haul. It's lined with quilted black satin with has two lace edged net pockets.

Ta Ta for now  xx

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