Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bond themed fun!

I've had a busy old weekend! On Saturday I was performing at a corporate team building event with the Kiss Kiss Bang Bang crew at the beautiful Ingestre Hall in Stoke. It was the second time I had performed in this stunning building, the first being at Sherry Trifle's wedding with Missy Malone last year.

Ingestre Hall - image pinched from Sherry Trifle's blog!

The company "Quick Release" had loads of fun Bond themed activities planned for their lucky employees, from helicopter rides to nearby shooting ranges, archery, ninja games and of course the "From Russia with Love" Kiss Kiss Bang Bang burlesque show.

When I arrived Sherry and I put our faces on and squeezed into posh frocks waiting for the choppers to ferry in the hoardes for our planned Bond photoshoot with Rebecca Cooper. It was a fun hour of playing with fake guns and fake martinis!

This gun was really a lighter
Sherry and I playing with firearms

Darren and Suze from local film company Junction15 were there making a mini Bond film for QR, which I got roped into helping out with (ok, that's a fib, I volunteered and LOVED it).  My Bond girl role involved slipping a suspect powder into Bond's drink and later smashing him over the head with a bottle (sugar glass, not real).

Daggers smash!
The show was a lot of fun and starred Sherry, Stage Door Johnny and myself as well as a set by Johnny and the Speedos. Everyone got up for a dance and we stayed up until the small hours playing roulette in the basement.
With the ever so lovely Stage Door Johnny
Backstage. Lady Liberty vs The Cobra Woman

I didn't do very well!
After a few hours sleep we were up again and joining in the fun with the QR guys. I used to love archery but hadn't done it for a long time. After missing the target completely with my first few arrows I soon got the hang of it!

Sherry and I playing Robin Hood

At the end of the afternoon we were invited to sit in on the company's "de-briefing" meeting and were presented with a huge bouquet of flowers each, which was a lovely surprise!

Sherry and I then scooted up to Lichfield for our second show of the weekend. A charity show run by Cherry Vanilla.

We were there with comedienne Barbara Nice and it was lovely to hang out backstage chatting the evening away until we performed.

I was very glad to be back in my own bed on Sunday night and very unimpressed to have to emerge again for work on Monday morning!



  1. Looked fun :-) the b&w photo of you is really nice as well.

  2. Thumbs up guys your doing a really good job. burlesque costumes